HKU Open Wifi connection procedures

Free WiFi service is provided in HKU. Connection to HKU Open WiFi is easy and no registration is required. Only 3 steps are required:

  1. Ensure that WiFi is turned ON
  2. Find the access point “HKU Open WiFi”
  3. Open a browser & accept the Terms and Conditions

Detailed connection procedures for different operating systems can be found at:



Public Opinion Programme, University of Hong Kong
World Association of Public Opinion Research


Fudan Media and Public Opinion Research Center, Fudan University (Mainland China)
Election Study Center, National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

Supporting Organizations:

Center for Deliberative Democracy, Stanford University (USA)
Macao Polling Research Association (Macau)
ERS e-Research & Solutions (Macau)
Chu Hai College of Higher Education (Hong Kong)
The Korean Association for Survey Research (Korea)
CVoter Foundation (India)

Corporate Sponsors:

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
D3 Systems
Savantas Policy Institute

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